baltfood science - Innovations for business

Scientists and researchers are often accused of living in an ivory tower and seldom venturing forth from it. baltfood science activites are designed to overcome this gap between theory and practice. It features activities in two areas: 


1. Use of development infrastructures to enter new markets


To enter new markets it is necessary to have a detailed knowledge of local consumption habits and tastes. Sometimes products must be modified accordingly. In the baltfood science programme a network of research and development facilities in the Baltic Sea region has being organized to assist companies in their development efforts and provide infrastructures that extend beyond regional borders.


Survey on Food Research and Development Institutions in the BSR - The survey concentrates on indentifying expertise and facilities of the food research institutions available for the use of the food processing enterprises.


baltfood R&D Network leaflet


baltfood R&D Network - Klick here to access a database to get to know about the partners in baltfood R&D network. 

baltfood R&D Network User Manual "Database of pilot scale food technology and food sensory analysis laboratories"


2. Development of joint innovation projects


The baltfood science programme initiates collaboration projects among universities and businesses to promote development plans. This process can involve significant challenges for the partners, especially when carried out at the European level.


baltfood Manual "Developing transnational R&D capabilities in the BSR food cluster" - Working manual for the joint development of R&D projects between the scientific community and SMEs in the BSR food cluster. The manual is used for training purposes and investment preparation.