baltfood: The Baltic Sea Region Food Cluster

500,000 employees - 15,000 companies - 100 billion Euro turnover. The food industry is one of the most dynamic business sectors in Northern Europe.


However, the food processing industry faces considerable challenges: consumers are becoming more demanding, food trends are getting more complex, business concentration especially in the retail trade is increasing and product life cycles are becoming shorter.


Successful companies have for long realized that such challenges are best met in cooperation with industry peers. As a result regional networks or clusters in the food processing sector have emerged around the Baltic Sea. In order to harness this regionally embedded experience and know how, baltfood was initiated in 2008.


The primary goal of baltfood is to assist food processing enterprises around the Baltic Sea Region to increase their process and product innovation capabilities. We do this by offering trend food trend research and dissemination, an online learning plattform for the food processing industry, workshops linking food sciences and food business and above all by "simple" networking.